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Wine is proof that God loves us. — Benjamin Franklin Diner's Choice Winner 2009

Employee rushes with bottle of wine behind the bar

Our Team

Ben Kuna - Wine Director/General Manager

Ben Kuna Ben Kuna, born in Chicago and raised in Virginia, spent much of his time far from the world of wine. After attending high school in Alexandria, he moved back to the midwest to double major in Biology & Comparative Literature at Indiana University. Driven by the desire to communicate a connection shared between the realms of Science and the Arts, he sought a career in Science Writing, and was accepted into a graduate program at the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism.

During this time, a family friend was opening a small bistro in Old Town, Alexandria and asked Ben to come on board. With little to do, an even smaller amount of experience, and lots of time on hand, he agreed to help manage the burgeoning business. After only a short period of time, the then current Sommelier left to pursue family life, leaving the restaurant without direction. Ben quickly stepped up to the plate, and within weeks discovered in that role the ability to tangibly communicate that same connection he had seen during his studies in Science Writing. When the upcoming semester approached, he opted out to pursue life as a Sommelier.

Since then, Ben has spent time as the General Manager & Sommelier at La Fromagerie, General Manager & Sommelier at Evening Star, Manager & Wine Director at Rasika, and is now very happy to join our team here at Proof as Wine Director. Currently, he is undergoing course study for the Advanced Level Sommelier Certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers.

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